Fighting spam bombs in gmail

Ones, I was spam bombed from same email. I got 50-60 emails in my gmail inbox in like 20 minutes. I was really freaking out, and after I asked for help on forums I got very valuable information. Here is what you need to do in case this happens: 1. Trick to block spam is […]

Bonsai tree is? simple, cross browser, fast loading html&css valid template released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 licence. Bonsai icon is creation of Jonas Rask. It was originally started as WordPress theme and hopefully will become one soon. You can see live demo here and download template here. If you find any bugs, please feel […]

How to code themes for any script

You need to code a theme for some php/mysql script and there is no tutorial available? Guess what-you don’t even need one. Just follow my method and with some time and work you can become guru. Note: You must have some knowledge in html & css. Software you need: Firefox browser , Web Developer extension […]

Free png icons for webdesigners

Web of software interface designers are in constant need of free png icons they can use in their project. I have found some great websites offering free icons for download and I am publishing list of best ones for my personal reference, hoping other people will find it helpful. 1. Icon Archive Huge archive of […]

Web 2.0 stripe generator

Stripe generator is web 2.0 application that allows you to make your own stripes patterns. While those patterns are quite easy to make, this tool will still save you some time and few mouse moves in Photoshop. With Stripe generator, you can set width of your stripes, space between them, colors of stripes and background, […]

I knew about this directory since start because I was hired to design it. I didn’t know exact details about it, but I really like what I saw ones my design was implemented into custom script Dare Directory is running on. Let me explain concept a bit. Dare Directory is offering permanent listings (5 years […]

Some great guys(owners of collected 2400 WordPress themes and zipped them in one file! I can’t tell you what is inside yet since I am downloading this 250mb archive in the time of writing this, but feel free to take a look at yourself. Download

Free Globes is open source, php/mysql based web directory script with Digg like features, where users can vote for sites they like. I haven’t tested it yet, but looks like there are a lot of features available. Script and web site are in Franch, but here are few links to get you started: FreeGlobe Demo […]

5 fresh good looking WP themes

1. Blogging pro theme 2.? Dark theme 3. iTheme 4. New Order 5. Salmon Enjoy!

“How to start a web directory?” is very often question on webmasters forums. After reading another such tread I decided to share some tips for people new in this filed, but also for those who are not so new. List is not definite, but should give you idea how “easy” this really is. Ok, enough […]