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The bundle contains:

The New Colossal Bundle

– 117 Vector Sets worth $1,755

– 425 Vector Illustrations worth $1,700

– 40 T-shirt Designs worth $600

– 18 Texture Packs worth $265

– Tatianna Font Family worth $35

DesignTNT Massive Library

– 233 Vector Sets worth $2,290

– 101 Web & Print Resources Packs worth $1,070

– 109 Photoshop & Illustrator Addons worth $1,036

– 69 High-Resolution Texture Packs worth $729

– 67 Brushes Sets worth $486

– 10 Premium Tutorials worth $97

This entire bundle comes with an extended royalty license, meaning you can use the resources in an unlimited number of personal and commercial purposes, and even merchandise for sales, such as: T-shirts, hoodies, mugs etc!

Still not convinced?

Download an amazing freebie with 4 vector illustrations, 4 textures and a T-shirt design worth $35 and use it as you want!


What’s in the bundle:


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Website is one of the best advertisements of any company. It is the best way to show your offer to potential clients no matter whether you are in outdoor furniture business or something else. The site is the best portfolio of your company and it is therefore necessary that the website has superior design and quality content.

Perhaps the most beautiful sites are websites of companies engaged in the production and sale of modern patio furniture. The reason for that are beautiful and attractive products they offer. We all like to look at contemporary and modern outdoor furniture, to buy it and equip our home, so these sites can always find something to delight us and draw our attention. We want to see amazing combination of superior design and quality content and the way that web site interact with visitors.

It is not enough to have the pictures of chairs, sofas and dining tables. You have to offer more to your visitors; you have to offer pictures of completely designed rooms and gardens.

So we choose top 5 outdoor furniture web sites according to criteria:

  • The prevailing bright and cheerful colors,
  • Highly visual content,
  • Clearly divided categories of products and
  • Stunning image of furniture.

In each category, whether it is patio furniture, outdoor furniture or living room furniture, we can see not only the image of the product, but the idea of ??how to set up the right ambience, and how beauty and functionality come to the fore.

The most beautiful furniture web sites are:

1. Modern Home Style

Modern Home Style

Modern Home Style

First place went to the http://www.modernhomestyle.net where you can see outdoor furniture. Categories of furniture: wicker furniture, chaises and hanging chairs and dining and bistro sets are well distributed and clearly presented, with easy navigation. In addition to the categories of furniture, the site has featured products clearly then the best-selling products, and free local shipping.

The colors on this site are perfectly matched to the colors of the furniture. The most popular outdoor furniture is wicker furniture which perfectly fit with every style. You can find various combinations of furniture and ideas to set this furniture in your garden, backyard or by the pool with many interesting details, cushions for seating, greenery which helps to highlight the furniture.

2. Ikea



This site contains a large number of products and the most diverse furniture for the home and garden. Although there is a large range of products, navigation of the website is easy. Cheerful colors, interesting design with beautiful and practical products put this web site in the top 5 most beautiful furniture web sites.
The website provides ideas for decorating small apartments, as well as large and spacious house. Ideas for practical home furnishing use all the available space, an interesting detail decoration, precisely highlighted the different prices of products, ranging from inexpensive to expensive, make that everyone can find something to his taste.

3. Sauder



Classical and modern models of furniture make this site visually beautiful and interesting. When a website offers a number of different purposes for furniture, it is important that in addition to good content, the site has a clear layout and good distribution of categories, which is the case here. All products are divided into categories based on the area for which the furniture is intended, by products and furniture collections. Prices are highlighted with the possibility of selecting the price from lowest to highest amount you are willing to pay for a particular piece of furniture (all models of furniture, tables, shelves, cabinets, and beds).

Details are divided and separated by product`s size, appearance and function they have. The main features are large number of various kinds of furniture that you can equip every corner of your home and an idea how to set up the furniture collections.

4. Room and board

Room & Board

Room & Board

Room and board has furniture for home decoration, garden and office space. Complete range of furniture for entrance hall, living room, bedroom, as well as lighting, accessories for decoration, curtains and beautification program for windows are available. Bright tones and delicate detail contributes that furniture has exclusive look and alluring. Room and board gives ideas where would be the best way to fit their furniture and that details such as pillows, blankets, picture frames can be a perfect look in your home.

5. Modern Patio Furniture

Modern Patio Furniture

Modern Patio Furniture

This site also meets the criteria to be one of the five most beautiful sites with furniture topic. Visibility and easy navigation are the basis complemented by a clear and beautiful pictures of modern patio furniture in Miami.

5 Ways 3D Printers Can Reduce Your Business Costs


Are you scratching your head, wondering how youcan increase the efficiency and reduce the costs of the business you worktirelessly to improve and keep relevant? Have you considered incorporating the use of 3D printers? While some people still believe 3D printers to be less than practical and perhaps futuristic, they have become more accessible and less expensive to own and operate. In fact, these days, if you use a 3D printer, you can significantly reduce your business costs, and in several different ways.


3D Printers Saving You Time

First of all, using 3D printers to manufacture prototypes will speed up the production process, therefore increasing the efficiency of your business and, ultimately, reducing your business costs. It’s no lie that time is money; it’s important that your work and that of your employees is done in a time-efficient manner.

If you use a 3D printer, you won’t have to wait for the manufacturer to finish the prototype and send it your way, and, if the prototype isn’t exactly right, you won’t need to wait to have it reproduced from start to finish. With 3D printing, you can turn an idea into a product within just a couple of hours and, in some cases, do so in-house. In other words, your product will be on the market sooner and getting it there will take lesstime and energy, which you can then expend in another area of the business.

It was recently reported that 3D printers can speed up the process of creating prosthetic eyes, creating 150 prosthetic eyes per hour. These glass eyes are otherwise created using special glass or acrylic and painted by hand—a process requiring more time and money.

3D Printers Reducing Your Manufacturing Costs

Besides saving you time, using 3D printers can directly reduce your financial costs. Traditional prototyping manufacturing is much more expensive. Consider how much it costs to design, manufacture, package, and ship prototypes (and this list goes on).Nowadays, many 3D printers can be purchased for less money than it costs to hire on a third party to design and produce a prototype.

In addition, though they’re reliable, materials for 3D printing are often cheaper, and there are fewer workers needed to get the job done.

3D Printers Reducing Your Marketing Costs

Besides saving you the time and money it takes to traditionally manufacture prototypes, you’re able to reduce marketing costs for your brand or business by way of 3D printing.Using 3D printers, you can better customize your company’s branded products, making your company more memorable.

If you’re offering something unique to your clients and potential clients, your marketing efforts will go much farther than if you’re offering what every other business is. People will appreciate the customized touch and your brand’s name and logo will surely stand out in their minds.

Moreover, if you 3D-print a useful object so that it features your brand logo or name (as 3Dprintler did with the bottle opener), clients and their clients will use it time and time again, and your brand will remain fresh in their minds.

Not only can you use 3D-printed branded products to market in more traditional ways but you can use them for guerilla marketing as well. You can 3D-print something completely out there or unseen before and potentially make headlines with your company’s 3D-printed branded product.

3D Printers Helping You Gain Repeat Clients

Using a 3D printer can reduce business costs indirectly as well, as their use can improve the relationships you have with your customers. Clients are more likely to turn into repeat clients when you’re able to give them exactly what they want or, even better, you’re able to exceed their expectations. You can do this using a 3D printer, offering quick turnarounds and incredibly customized creations. And, if they’re not happy with what you’ve produced, it won’t cost a substantial amount of time or money to improve the product for them.

3D Printers Reducing the Costs of Falling Behind

If you want your business and its employees to remain up-to-date with the latest technology and way of doing things, 3D printers can help make that happen. It’s important to continue learning and evolving as a company as technology develops. While 3D printers aren’t used in every household or workplace right now, there is a great chance they will be in the future, judging by the advancements made and the enthusiasm surrounding 3D printing technology today.

Ultimately, using a 3D printer will reduce your business costs, both directly and indirectly. 3D printers speed up the entire production process; reduce the overall cost of production; make your brand more recognizable and memorable; help you establish better relationships with your clients, who then turn into repeat clients; and keep your company innovative and up-to-date on the latest way of doing things.

Websites uptime monitoring, anyone?

I know it is a lot of stress to have your website(s) down for even two hours, not to speak about few days. Most of websites hosting companies advertise 99.99% websites uptime, but is it really like that?

In seach for websites uptime monitoring service on Google, I have found Site uptime with site links in search results or how some people like to call it “authority”. I didn’t want to look no more and found out that they have free plan but for one site only. I needed more than one and almost went for paid deals.

Than I saw site number 3 in search results with “free websites uptime monitoring” keywords in title and decided to check it out. The site is called Basic state.

They check your website(s) every 15 minutes, and send emial or sms alerts. The best part is it is all free and for unlimited websites. I am not a person who loves everything for free and like to pay for quality service, but decided to give them a shot.

I received first email same day , but I was out and website was up when I came back and saw it. It is good thing to know that there is downtime and most of all how often that happens. Email contains exact time when site was down, so if I keep getting these emails every day, I will send all exact times to my hosting company and ask them to check in their logs.

More obvious help than this is that you will be notified on time in cases of permanent server errors or when bandwidth limite is exceeded without loading your websites few times per day to check them(even than you can see your cache if you do not use proxy).

In same email they suggested a blog post or a single link, so I decided to spread the word as saying thanks. No, this was not “paid review”( read advertisement).

Besides saying thank you, I am testing my blog strength in trying to rank for “websites uptime monitoring” keywords as you may or may not noticed. If you came from Google to this page than I made it. If not…I told you about great website.

City Journalist Directory is my latest project, this time not as a freelancer but as part of Forplex company located in Bangkok, Thailand. While I had hard time to resist all temptations this city(read capital of Mars) has to offer, I managed to end up with finished project I am proud of. Ofcourse, I wouldn’t be able to do much without huge support and professionalism of guys here and I want to say thank you to everybody-Pete, Dieter and David for helping me and teaching me things I didn’t know.

City Journalist Directory allows people to submit photos and videos of local news events and get paid by when content is purchased by news companies. Before City Journalist Directory people didn’t have a chance to make money for being on right place on right time, but now things are changed.

City Journalist Directory is currently at beta stage and we are testing functionality and cross browser compatibility on all platforms. Beta stage will be finished by Tuesday, 25th September 2007 when site will be officially launched. If you want to help in testing and get free membership upgrade worth $10, please visit this tread on Digital Point.

After few days only in beta stage, CJD already received some exclusive and never published photos of Luciano Pavarotti, Robin Williams, Chris Columbus and Perry Como. I am very curious to see what else are people going to submit and if you are too, you can track latest and popular photos and videos.

I could say a lot more about CJD, but I am going to allow you to check it out yourself. And don’t forget to bookmark-you never know when you might need it 🙂

Active web directory wallpapers

I was bored today and I ended up in creating clean, simple wallpaper as part of promotion and brand building for Active Web Directory(site is owned by one of my previous clients, Antonio). In same time this is part of promoting your directory trough wallpapers experiment.

Wallpapers comes in two versions and many screen sizes:


800 x 600

1024 x 768

1280 x 1024

1400 x 1050

1600 x 1200


800 x 600

1024 x 768

1280 x 1024

1400 x 1050

1600 x 1200

Directory owners are always in need of new methods of promoting their web directories. Everybody is obsessed with links, but mouth to mouth or any other offline promotion results in traffic and eventually in sales. This method should result in gaining both.

My expectations from wallpaper advertising:

1. Wallpapers are something that is always on the screen. That should result in entering minds and that is what we want-to be remembered.

2. It must result in traffic-direct type in’s or search on Google for your brand name if url is not included on wallpaper. That kind of traffic will not be targeted one,but webmasters and SEO’s download wallpapers too. They will be surprised to see your directory on a wallpaper. Other than that non paying visitors traffic will boost your Alexa rating and result in sending more visitors to your listings-which will again result in repeated sales from your previous clients.

3. There is a bunch of sites where you can submit wallpaper-simply ask uncle Google. First results is wallpaperbase.com and they claim to have 20k unique visitors per day. Nice number of people who can download your wallpaper and it is from one site only! So you might even get few links as author of wallpapers.

Other than wallpapers websites there are few more ways to spread your wallpaper and promote your directory. Inserting wallpaper in some of big wallpapers pack should result in spreading your wallpaper like wildfire. Put all wallpapers in one folder and your wallpaper in new folder called “bonus”. There are several effective ways to spread this pack:

a. Offer it for free on freebies forums and sites(example: Freebies on DP). Just make sure you have rights to do this with other wallpapers.

b. Buy some wallpapers pack with resell rights on ebay, add your wallpaper in “bonus” folder and resell it for $0.25.

c. Burn a cd with wallpapers and give it to your friends. They can burn it for other people too!

PHPLD mods list

My web searches has released big list of php link directory mods on Digital Point forums.

Check list of mods and read complete tread here. Definetely something to feed bookmark with if you are directory owner or plan to be one.

More resources related to phpld mods: PHPLD Owners , Directory Trials , My Web Searches.

Splench-design for creative minds


Splench is one of latest web design inspiration galleries. Extra clean layout, large screenshots of featured sites, nice logo and no ads is what makes this website stand out form the rest.

Also, special thanks to owner for picking my work for listing in Splench.

Type testing-how will your fonts look like

Readable text is one of most important aspects of good website design. After all, visitors are here to read website content, aren’t they?

High contrast of your text and background is very important for readability-for example black text on white background is much easier to read than yellow text on orange background.

Another big factor that will impact this is choosing right font. Usually webdesigner/coder chooses font family of standard fonts present on every computer. Some fonts are standard for Windows and some are standard for Mac. That is the reason why you specify more than one font. To see how each font will look like you can use some online tools to test before you choose:

1. Type Tester

type tester

Allows you to test 3 types in same time. You can adjust font family, size, font and background colors, aligment etc.

2. Css Type

css type

Only one type at a time, but this one gives you preview of normal, bold, italic, bold italic, uppercase and lowercase text in same time. Also, you can set line height and take a look of paragraphs.