When it comes to website design, you have to acknowledge what your visitors hate the most unless it’s okay if they don’t visit your site again. Of course you wouldn’t want that to happen. There are webmasters that tend to go overboard with their design, they fall in love with works that they tend to forget the website’s main purpose.

Webmasters should not forget that their website design should not necessarily reflect their skill level, but instead send a message to the visitor that should reflect the website topic.

Is your website annoying? Have you ever stopped and reflect about that? Read on the list and decide for yourself whether you have been annoying your visitors.

Unwanted Music. Visitors hates automatic video or music players. And you couldn’t call it background music at all unless you are operating an online internet radio station or sell music CDs. Why play a midi/wav file in the background continuously on every page when it isn’t necessary?

Large font size. Are you designing a website for people with sight problems? Then large font size is the right element for your site. But if not and you are using HUGE FONT SIZE AND IS USING ALL CAPS, YOU ARE CONSIDERED SHOUTING! And we all know that people don’t like it when someone shouts at them.

Small font size. The opposite can also be extremely annoying when using small font sizes. If your visitor has to head to the browser controls to increase the page copy in order to read the same – consider this annoying.

Overlapping layers. Layers can be very useful up to the point but not when they are being used to put an annoying message in the visitor’s face. Don’t try to force your visitor to read your messages. Try persuasion instead of brute force.

Popup windows. Webmaster keep using popup windows even though they are now blocked by many add on tools. Popup ads can get irritating and people consider them a waste of time. The annoying part of popups is sometimes we actually miss important information because of those anti popup tools. Put your important messages in a central place on your website.

The Internet is like a universe of infinite choices. It is rare for visitors to encounter a site that provides content that no other site offers, visitors don’t see a point in spending more than 3 seconds on a site that annoys them. Keep in mind that as a webmaster the last thing you want to do is put lots of effort into your website and then find out that your visitors hate it. It’s not a matter of taste, it’s more about being the same polite person we all try to be when we go to an event.

About the Author

Anatolgy Gilderman is directly connected with AlgoZone, a leader in creating top notch shopping cart templates. He is also the owner of the Ecommerce Wisdom blog, the blog that brings light to eCommerce, giving you all the information you need from the how’s-to the why’s and even the best shopping cart solution software for your online business.