I know it is a lot of stress to have your website(s) down for even two hours, not to speak about few days. Most of websites hosting companies advertise 99.99% websites uptime, but is it really like that?

In seach for websites uptime monitoring service on Google, I have found Site uptime with site links in search results or how some people like to call it “authority”. I didn’t want to look no more and found out that they have free plan but for one site only. I needed more than one and almost went for paid deals.

Than I saw site number 3 in search results with “free websites uptime monitoring” keywords in title and decided to check it out. The site is called Basic state.

They check your website(s) every 15 minutes, and send emial or sms alerts. The best part is it is all free and for unlimited websites. I am not a person who loves everything for free and like to pay for quality service, but decided to give them a shot.

I received first email same day , but I was out and website was up when I came back and saw it. It is good thing to know that there is downtime and most of all how often that happens. Email contains exact time when site was down, so if I keep getting these emails every day, I will send all exact times to my hosting company and ask them to check in their logs.

More obvious help than this is that you will be notified on time in cases of permanent server errors or when bandwidth limite is exceeded without loading your websites few times per day to check them(even than you can see your cache if you do not use proxy).

In same email they suggested a blog post or a single link, so I decided to spread the word as saying thanks. No, this was not “paid review”( read advertisement).

Besides saying thank you, I am testing my blog strength in trying to rank for “websites uptime monitoring” keywords as you may or may not noticed. If you came from Google to this page than I made it. If not…I told you about great website.